Work with me, please.

“Am I getting on your nerves?”  That is not a fair question to ask just after you’ve gotten in trouble.  As it turns out, Mae was not getting on my nerves just then.  The general fatigue in my voice when I told her that she had lost her Nintendo DS privilege for tonight and tomorrow probably made the situation seem worse than it was.  She was being stubborn or inattentive (sometimes, it’s hard to tell which) about washing her hands for dinner, and she actually earned back the DS privilege for tomorrow before she went to bed.

That is not to say that she has never gotten on my nerves, and so I hope she doesn’t ask the question at the wrong time.  She has accused me before of not liking/loving/wanting her, and I have tried to respond honestly — sometimes I don’t like something that she has said or done, and still, I love her always, no matter what.

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