Work with me, please.

I spell it s-c-i-e-n-t-i-s-t.  Mae announced tonight that she no longer wants to be a rock star.  I held my breath.  Would she go closer to the edge, or back away from the cliff?  She said, “I want to be a scientist because . . . .”  My mind trailed off to this past summer when we paid for a month of guitar lessons that somewhat held her interest.

Hubby and I were supportive of the rock star dream.  Heck, why not?  I began looking for guitar lessons when she was 4 years old, which is when she began talking about becoming a rock star.  Her 5th and 6th birthday parties had a rock star theme, and we generally encouraged the idea in the way that parents are supposed to encourage their kids to be whatever they want to be.  At Disney World in December 2009, Mae told every worker in the park who called her a princess that she was not a princess, she was a rock star.  Princess Tiana put her hand to her chest and gasped — in a wow-you-go-girl kind of way.

Well, despite her proclamations, Mae did not want to practice at home in between guitar lessons.  When we told her that lessons would end if she didn’t practice, she was nonchalant.  Later, she began saying that she would play with a band in the garage (that is, the garage of this home for which Hubby and I pay the mortgage) and give away CDs for free.

Truth be told, we have no reason to believe that Mae has any natural musical talent.  She is, on the other hand, pretty good at making up songs.  Last night, it was a song about the alphabet.  Part of it went, “We have to show the alphabet peace, love and kindness.  Letters come in all shapes and sizes.  They help us make words.  What would we do without them?”

For now, I can set aside the visions I had of her coming out of the American Idol audition room dejected and without a yellow ticket, returning to her childhood room that never stopped being her childhood room.

And (bonus), maybe this new ambition will convince Hubby that four weeks of math and science camp at $600 per week is a worthwhile investment.

Fingers crossed . . . .

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