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“Single-minded” is how one of Jay’s preschool teachers described him today.  Ms. Anne told me that Jay went over to a group of older boys and asked if he could play football with them.  After they told him “no”, he came crying to her.  She offered to play catch with him and he stopped crying.  A little later, the older boys asked Jay if he wanted to play football with them.  Ms. Anne said she expected him to run at the opportunity, and Jay said no and turned back to playing catch with her.  She said that he’s that way, “single-minded” about what he wants to do.  She said that he is not a follower, and when he gets focused on something, that is what he sticks to.

Yep, that’s the boy I know.  When he was still in the womb, I wondered if he would be able to assert himself as a second child, especially being second to one with a big and strong personality.  And, people say that you get opposites.  Fortunately, Jay has shown again and again that he is willing to do his own thing.

Comments on: "Single-minded" (1)

  1. Tindi Amadi said:

    Good for Jay!

    I love that he is marching to HIS own drum beat…awesome trait!!

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