Work with me, please.

I had to deliver bad news to Mae last night:  she can’t be in the spring play because of too many missed practices.  Our trip last weekend to Philly and an upcoming trip to SC to visit family the weekend of April 16 are two too many for the drama teacher.

My gut was uneasy at having to tell Mae because I wasn’t sure how strongly she would react.  She’d had a good day, including getting a Student of the Day sticker.  So, I figured last night was as good a time as any to deliver the news.  She had a healthy cry, understandably, and said that she felt it was unfair.  She was disappointed, and so was I.  I let her take her time getting ready for bed and offered to let her stay up past bed time to write in her journal.  She declined that and instead asked if I would play our guessing game with her (I give three clues about some noun and she guesses what it is).  So, we did that and it got her into a good mood before lights out.

So far, it seems that she’s handling it like a typical seven-year-old would, which means that she did not wail that nobody likes or wants her, and she did not say that her whole day was bad because of this one bad thing.  I thought I’d have to coax her out of that downward spiral, and it was a relief to be let off the hook relatively easily.

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