Work with me, please.

Mae had her first appointment this evening with Dr. Laura, a psychologist at the center that Dr. Mike recommended to us for cognitive behavioral therapy.  I talked to Mae’s teacher earlier in the day to get a “baseline” of where she is as therapy begins.  Overall, Mae is much improved.  She had an incident a couple of weeks ago wherein she had a meltdown after two boys cut in front of her in line.  Teacher said she spent at least 30 minutes crying it out.  She has otherwise been doing ok on listening in class, playing at recess, and transitioning between activities.

This little girl is serious about her spot in line.  A lot of her worst school days have involved something about a line, someone cutting in or denying her her rightful spot.  If the school were to eliminate lines, we could really make some progress.

After giving me the update, Teacher asked if I’d decided yet about our school plans for next year.  I told her no, we’re waiting still to receive the lottery results from the public gifted program.  I was glad that she raised the topic because I had hoped for an opportunity to ask for her opinion.  I jumped through the open door, and asked if she had any thoughts on what we should do.

Teacher said yes, she had been thinking about it.  She said that she likes the current school because of its nurturing environment, and she thinks Mae should stay there at least one more year.  The second grade teacher, Teacher said, is nurturing and she thinks Mae would do well with her.  That’s a nice thing to say about a colleague, and that goes a long way with me because Teacher has a strong work ethic and high standards.  Typically, my experience has been that people with high standards are sparing with compliments.

Teacher said also that she had connected with Mae and that this has been on her mind.  I appreciate that she had given serious consideration to what is best for Mae.

That new kitchen is slipping through my fingers.  Dangit.

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