Work with me, please.

Back North

Sigh.  It was back to the grind today.  I’m not complaining because work is good, and it’s good to be working.

It’s just that I so enjoyed the days off with the kids.  We had a good time in SC; Mae didn’t want to leave.  As we were getting close to home, she said the only bad part of the trip was the bugs.  She’d gotten several mosquito bites, and the flies were partial to her too.  I thought it was funny that the bug bites stood out more prominently in her mind than the 16-hour ride there, and the long trip back, which went well until we were about 30 minutes from home.  It took two and a half hours to go approximately four miles on the Capital Beltway due to a truck accident involving an oil spill.  My poor babies once again showed their resilience, and I’m proud of them for entertaining themselves and each other with minimal fussing.

Jay is a homebody.  He had fun; however, I know that if given a choice, he would have spent a few hours visiting and then headed home.  I hope that he too forgets the long rides before it’s time to take him and Mae back to my mom’s in early June.  If necessary, I’ll remind him that Nonny buys “candy cereal” (the name Mae gave after I told her that some cereals have more sugar than some candy has), and Nonny lets them go to bed with the TV on.  And, oh yeah, how can I forget . . . Nonny has promised them pet ducks to care for this summer.

So, that should do it for getting them back in the truck:  candy cereal, TV in bed, and ducks for two weeks.  For my part, I’ll take some more of that thick-cut bacon I used as a spoon for my grits.

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