Work with me, please.

What a full and wonderful weekend.  Hubby had to put in some hours at work on Saturday, and the kids and I stayed in, except for stepping out in between the rain showers to admire the best tree in our backyard.  

I cleaned a little on Saturday, not as much as I should have.  My excuse is that it was Hair Day.  Unbraiding, washing, cornrowing, and beading Mae’s hair takes several hours, including breaks.  Despite the lack of housecleaning, it was a successful day because I finally found a more comfortable way to wash her hair.  Months ago, she outgrew lying on her back on the kitchen counter.  We tried having her lean into the kitchen sink and bathtub, and both methods stress her back and make her nervous about getting shampoo in her eyes.  Yesterday, I put a stool next to the bathtub and had her sit on it and lean back over a pillow and thick blanket that were covered with a waterproof pad.  It hasn’t so good on my knees, but it worked and she was happy with it.  Next time, I’ll add a pillow for my knees.  I could take her to a salon, which I do sometimes as a time-saver.  However, she is cooperative during the process and we save money by doing it at home.


By Sunday morning, the kids were ready to get out of the house.  So, out we went for most of the day:  to the National Arboretum and the home of one of my girlfriends and her family.  After dinner, the four of us worked in the front yard pulling weeds, spreading mulch, and dethatching the lawn before the kids and Hubby went off to visit with the next door neighbors.  Thanks to Hubby foregoing another trip to the office and skipping the gym, we spent most of the Sunday together (and I still managed to squeeze in my own trip to the gym and Wal-mart, and we made it by one of my great-aunt’s to take her a gift I’d picked up in SC).  Hubby is one awesome dude, a true gift.

And, finally, here are some of nature’s gifts that we enjoyed at the Arboretum:

Comments on: "In the Midst of Beautiful Things" (2)

  1. I’m impressed your daughter lets you do that becuase my daughter will barely let me brush her hair! I love to go the arboretum too, great pictures. Thanks for the visit, I am now following you.

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