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Mae and I were on the town last night.  We went to her school’s spring show, which included a number of dance performances and the play that Mae would have been in if she hadn’t missed too many practices due, in large part, to the social skills playgroup that she attended for two months.  I wanted her to go to the show anyway to support her friends and practice getting over disappointments.  She was excited to be at the show.  Besides, there are few things in the world cuter than three-year old ballerinas and tap dancers.  During the performances that preceded the play, Mae waved to her schoolmates on the stage, whoop-whooped, clapped, and gave standing ovations.

Then, enter her fellow drama students and up went her right index finger, pointing to the three fairies.  “I’m supposed to be up there.  It’s not fair . . . . ”  I asked her to be quiet, and she began, “But, Mommy, . . . .”  Outside of the auditorium, I would have let her go on and shown empathy.  I absolutely get how she feels.  However, in the quiet of the auditorium, I leaned down to her ear and threatened that we would leave if she didn’t sit quietly and pay attention to the show.  I kind of felt bad for cutting her off.  It just wasn’t the time and place for her to press the issue.  Fortunately, she relaxed within a few minutes to enjoy the rest of the play.

We have seen Mae grow a lot in the past few months.  I’m more confident now that when next she takes drama or a similar activity we can postpone something like a playgroup intervention.  As difficult as it may have been for her, she showed last night that she can be reasonable and I’m proud of her for that.

Comments on: "Glad We Made It Through That" (2)

  1. Mama Neema (Tindi) said:

    Man oh man!

    Yeah for Mae! She was dissappointed and understandably wanted to voice it…but…((drum roll please))…she managed to keep a cool head, with a little coaxing (yeah, mom!).

    I’m so proud of both of you!

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