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After seven years as a mother, I have not figured out Mother’s Day.  Three years ago, I realized that the “day off” piece of it is a myth if you have young children.  So, last year and the year before, I left the house early and took my time coming back.  I recall those days as quiet, relaxed and peaceful, at least for the hours I was away. 

This year, I decided to give another go at spending time with the family on Mother’s Day.  Hmmm. 

Wrangling kids to get them cleaned up and dressed, enduring a long wait for a table in a crowded restaurant, and keeping said kids entertained during the wait do not make for a “day off,” nor does it feel celebratory.  This is normal stuff.  Not bad stuff, just normal stuff.  It’s what we do.

It was a good, normal day (except that I didn’t used to walk around in a pink raffia cowgirl hat, which was Jay’s pick for me).

I am grateful for my hat and other gifts, and for another opportunity to spend time with people I love and appreciate and who love and appreciate me.  Next year, though, I might be back at Applebee’s for a little peace and quiet.

Comments on: "What’s Up with Mother’s Day?" (4)

  1. I heard the same sentiment a lot this mothers day. I think the only people benefiting from mothers day are retailers and advertisers. I feel genuinely exploited by them. I say mothers stand up and tell the truth about mothers day. It’s a big day of hassle (making the effort to please both your own mother and mother in law on the same day) and a disappointment. Feel free to read my post on mothers day too! BTW great blog.

    • Yep, the retailers lie to us, plain and simple. I did read your Mother’s Day post. It was funny, even if a little pathetic. I guess kids get pressured too to be creative and doting and whatnot. Vicious cycle.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mama Neema (Tindi) said:

    Ha ha…Girl, you make me smile.

    This year, mostly because I’m so removed from the commercially driven society, I didn’t even know that it was mother’s day!

    When I did figure it out, after a few kind messages from my siblings…I got mad. lol!

    I wanted to know where my Mother’s day breakfast was…and my Mother’s day flowers…and Mother’s day card…

    Andy was out if town and I think, I’m making excuses here I know, he simply forgot.

    Neema just turned two…even if she wanted to make me breakfast, buy me flowers or sign a card, she couldn’t.

    So, here I was, getting the “quiet” you craved and there you were with the “noise” I thought I wanted.

    Thank you for reminding me that the grass is not always greener on the other side…even in a good-wholesome-family-kind-of-normal-way!


    • How crazy! Why are we always wanting what someone else has? I’m sure Andy knows and appreciates what a gem of a mother you are.

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