Work with me, please.

Today, I had a follow-up call with Dr. Mike, the psychologist who conducted Mae’s neuropsychological evaluation.  He’d called to see if he could offer any assistance and guidance.  He wanted to know if we had any questions for him now that we have had a chance to read and digest the evaluation report.  He asked how things have been going.

Wow.  I didn’t know there are doctors who make such calls.  Granted, he may be following a standard protocol.  However, my human resources/employee relations nose knows when someone is following a script and going through the motions and when they are doing their job well, and Dr. Mike is most definitely doing his job well.  He strikes me as bright, committed and genuinely interested.

I told him that Mae seems to have matured a lot since the evaluation.  She has a greater appreciation for consequences and is showing more self-control.  I told him that cognitive behavioral therapy with Dr. Laura has been going well, and we’ve only had a couple of major in-school incidents since January.  I spoke cautiously, pointing out that we’re coming upon some major transitions with school ending, vacation in SC, and then the beginning of summer camp.  Also, since spring started and I began wearing short sleeves again, Mae has been rubbing on my arms (which is downright annoying for me personally; I have learned through this experience that I don’t particularly like to be touched).  We’ll see if she begins to touch her classmates’ and teachers’ arms.

I did have a question for Dr. Mike about Mae’s motor-visual skills.  She has lost interest in the puzzles we bought for her, and I asked Dr. Mike how much we should encourage her to use them or if there is something else we should try.  He recommended that we not push her too hard.  He says that she is so strong in so many other areas that she’ll do well anyway.  That’s a relief.

Dr. Mike said that it sounds as though we are doing the right things and that we should continue to monitor areas where Mae has difficulty.  He said again that he is making himself available if we need assistance or have questions.


Comments on: "A Doctor Who Makes Phone Calls?" (1)

  1. Mama Neema said:


    It must be so refreshing t o ha e a doctor so genuinely open to assisting you on this journey. Bravo, Doc!

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