Work with me, please.


Today marks the beginning of summer break.  Mae and Jay are at school, wrapping up the year.  We’ll pick them up this afternoon and hit I-95 South for Nonny’s house.  Mae and Jay are excited about spending two weeks with my mom, though Mae has said a few times that she wants Hubby and me to stay there with them.  I’ve told Jay a few times that we’ll be leaving them with Nonny for two weeks, and I’m not sure that that has registered yet.  Or, maybe he just doesn’t care.

I hope it will be an easy separation on Sunday when Hubby and I head back home to return to work.  Oh, how I look forward to the day when I have enough leave saved to spend these weeks at home with them rather than carting them off to SC, or even spend time with them in SC.

But, for now, since Hubby and I will have this kid-free window, I’ve made a wish list for myself:

  1. Cook 3 or 4 adult-friendly recipes from the many pages of Cooking Light issues that I’ve been dog-earing.
  2. Take a family friend out to dinner.
  3. Have guilt-free, unabbreviated workout sessions.
  4. Make and freeze red velvet cupcakes for Jay’s upcoming birthday party (not ideal, but his birthday party is the same weekend as our family reunion, for which we’ll have a house full of guests, and there is no way I can bake that weekend and no way the goods would survive even if I could).
  5. Take evening walks with Hubby.

I have a whole ‘nother list of things that I should do, and it involves cleaning, organizing, painting, and cleaning some more.  I’m not going to write out or type up that list because that would mean committing to it, which would interfere with my wish list, which I like a whole lot better.

Comments on: "2 Weeks, No Kids" (3)

  1. Have fun! sounds like heaven to me! 🙂

    The International Laundress

  2. Wow…it sounds like you’ll be busy! I’d probably spend two weeks worrying about my kids! I think freezing the cupcakes is brilliant, btw!

    • See, if I’m really busy, I won’t think about the kids so much. Last year was the first year we left them, and it was hard. This year will be easier.

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