Work with me, please.


Fric or Frac roosting in a tree at Nonny's house

Mae and Jay are down in SC at Nonny’s learning about roosters, up close and personal . . . well, closer than they’ll ever get at home.  Nonny bought two “pet” roosters, Fric and Frac, to keep them company.

Our separation wasn’t too bad.  They woke up Sunday morning asking why couldn’t their Dad and I stay with them at Nonny’s.  I explained again that Hubby and I had to go to work on Monday morning and everyday thereafter for the next two weeks.  Mae knows that I sometimes work from home, and she suggested that I work from Nonny’s house for two weeks.  I wish!

After I finished packing, I gave Mae and Jay each a bag of dollar store puzzles, workbooks, and toys.  New, albeit cheap, playthings to ease the guilt of leaving them behind and distract them from our departure.

When it was time for Hubby and I to say our goodbyes, I asked Jay for a hug.  He said, “I already gave Daddy a hug” and kept riding his bike down Nonny’s driveway without breaking stride.

I asked, “What about a kiss?”

“Not right now.”

So much for separation anxiety.

I spoke to them today.  It’s funny that their voices sound so cute and sweet over the phone.  At the same time, I wonder “Are those my kids?” and it reminds me how lucky I am to have them.

I asked Mae if she’s been reading to Jay at bedtime.  I’d told Mae to read to him every night because Dad and I wouldn’t be there to do it, and she had agreed.  Today, she said, “We don’t read.  We watch TV.”

One of their favorites things about Nonny’s house is that they get to sleep in a bedroom with a TV, an idea I’m not even entertaining in our house.  Silly of me to even think they would give that up to read some books they’ve read a dozen times before.  But, I had to try.

So, it appears that they are safe and sound, roosting every night under the gaze of the TV.

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