Work with me, please.


I didn’t think I could be this exhausted with no kids in the house. I’m racing to finish painting the guest room and get through a mess of other things before we leave for SC on Friday to pick up Mae and Jay.

I was up until 1:30 this morning.  It was worth it because I finished one coat of paint, which I think will be plenty.  The color borders on horrid.  What can I say?  We picked it out four years ago.  I was pregnant with Jay at the time, and perhaps my eyesight had been affected.  I remember reading a magazine article, “Pregnancy:  Head to Toe,” that said women may experience vision changes while pregnant.  So there, it is Jay’s fault that our guest room looks like a bowl of split pea soup.

Speaking of the boychild, his red velvet birthday cake is in my sister’s freezer.  Although I fear for her future health, the benefit of having a sister who subsists on restaurant food is that her freezer was practically empty, allowing me to bake Jay’s cake early enough to get that off my to-do list well before my house guests arrive on June 23 and without him having a clue about it.  The party place is reserved; invitations sent; and gift, decorations and supplies purchased.  I made a timeline for the remaining steps (yes, I’m a little Type-A), and we are on track for a crashing, bashing Monster Jam.  I decided to make a sheet cake instead of cupcakes so that I can decorate the top to look like a Monster Jam arena, which I’ll do the day before the party on June 26.  Pictures to come.

I have been enjoying this quiet time with Hubby.  He took me to a BMX race three hours away this past Saturday, the first race I’ve attended without the kids.  I expected right up until the night before that I might get bumped by one of his racing buddies or that I might become the third wheel.  Didn’t happen, even though he received a text message about someone needing a ride.  I learned a new phrase, “Pit Tootsie,” which is apparently the wife or girlfriend who cheers, wipes sweat, passes Gatorade, etc.  Not the most flattering term, but I was glad to be there with and for him.

We’ve been out to eat, including testing a new local restaurant and having dinner with a friend.  I made spinach and sausage turnovers and a squash salad that my kids would fan their noses at and loudly declare “yucky.”

I met a friendly neighbor whom I’ve enjoyed chatting with at the bus stop in the mornings.  Since I don’t have to pick up any kids, I’ve been taking the bus and train to and from work.  This adds about 15 minutes to my commute each way.  I don’t mind, given current gas prices, because I get to read (or doze) during the trip.  Yesterday, I finished a good book, The House at Sugar Beach, by Helene Cooper, a reporter who writes about growing up in Liberia, leaving as a refugee, and returning many years later.  It was a stretch for me because I would not normally pick up a book written by a journalist.  But, this one was recommended by a trusted friend, and I’m glad I branched out.

The kids are doing well in SC, I think.  My mother, not so sure.   Mae and Jay’s nighttime bickering and pushing drove her to pull a couple of twin bed frames out of storage and buy a couple of mattresses.  Jay tosses and turns when he’s getting settled in to sleep, and Mae is a snuggler.  Also, though he is a sweet, well-behaved kid, he knows how to and delights in pushing his big sister’s buttons.  I’d wondered how long the shared bed arrangement would last.

Hopefully, Nonny’s patience will last a few more days.

Comments on: "Life Without Kids in the House" (4)

  1. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying your kid-free time AND staying busy. Our two usually spend a week with my family during the summer, and I find that I love that time, and somehow still manage to fill it with chores and work.

    Love that green, too!

    • We’re so lucky to have a place to send them for these little breaks.

      The green is growing on me. I found a quilt, pillows, and curtains that will dress it up nicely.

  2. Rebecca said:

    Oh, I am so behind in posts–this one is a gem. I’m so excited about your time “alone” with hubby. So needed, you dear, sweet, Gatorade-hustlin’ Pit Tootsie.

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