Work with me, please.

Ok, the party hasn’t happened yet, but I am taking a moment to recognize myself because I am so pleased with my work on Jay’s Monster Jam birthday cake.  So pleased, in fact, that I have given myself an award.  It’s the I’m-Da-Bomb-Mom award.  There are some people who helped me along the way, and I’d like to thank them also at this time.

First, Hubby found the pictures for the sponsor banner and crowd.  He had them printed at Staples, and I’m glad he chose the glossy paper.  Nice, realistic effect.

Second, my niece Nya Noodle crushed graham crackers for me for the arena dirt.  She rolled a can of beans over a plastic bag of crackers, and then I finished the job in the food processor to get a finer texture.  We were using regular graham crackers, and Nya Noodle’s mom (my big sister) suggested that chocolate grahams would look better.  I’m grateful to her for sharing her opinion because she was absolutely right.  And, as she pointed out, chocolate grahams would be a better complement to the red velvet cake because the cake has cocoa in it.

Then, there is my youngest sister, she deserves thanks for letting me store/hide the cake in her fridge.  I snuck out this morning to go decorate it, and my little brother gave Mae and Jay breakfast while I was gone.  My younger sister, who wasn’t able to make it up from Florida, kept me company by phone while I cleaned up my cookie crumb mess and put the decorated cake away.  Back here at the house, my mom and brother-in-law kept Mae and Jay in line until I returned.

I should also mention that I found great cake ideas and inspiration at, and that the Neely’s have a superb red velvet cake recipe.

Awesome cast, great support.

Comments on: "I Am Da BOMB Mom" (4)

  1. That is an amazing cake! Wow- I really wish I was that creative. You *are* Da Bomb Mom! Well deserved award.

  2. Mama Neema said:

    You rock, Mama!!

    What an excellent cake…I hope to do any such justice to Neema’s future birthday cakes!

    Bravo to you and your supportive cast!

    • One thing I’ve found is that it’s easier to decorate than it looks (especially when you cheat like I did and buy a toy set that has all the key decorating pieces). 🙂

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