Work with me, please.

I think it’s safe to say that Jay and his friends thoroughly enjoyed his Monster Jam birthday party.  He was so amped up yesterday morning and on the way to the party that I was afraid he would wear himself out before we arrived at the party place.  He and my 17-year-old brother were in the back seat play fighting and cutting up non-stop for the entire 30-minute ride.

There were eleven kids total, including Mae and Jay.  Nice families, great kids.  They ran, played, dressed up, climbed, and laughed so that I almost wanted to be four again.  Almost.  I think it was the easiest birthday party I’ve hosted.  It was great that I had family in town to help with setting and cleaning up the party room, and even better that we didn’t have to deal with cleaning up the toys and whatnot afterwards.  Everything went well.  When Jay and his friends sat down for pizza, I looked over at him, and he gave me a smile and a thumbs up. 

Sadly, I missed the moment when Jay first saw his birthday cake.  But, I think it was a hit.  He said it was “Yum.”

A thumbs up and a “yum” — that’s all I need.

What’s funny is that Jay is really trying to milk turning four.  Before the party, he and I made a run to the store for some drinks and food.  I stopped to look at boys’ socks, and he reached for a pack and said, quite seriously, “Those are four-year-old socks.  Yea, I need those.”  The socks are a size too big, but I wasn’t going to fight that battle.  On Saturday, we went with my mom, brother, and my sister and her family into DC for the National BBQ Battle.  Mae and my niece rode without booster seats, and when Jay was buckled into his car seat, he immediately started whining.  It wasn’t “fair” that Mae and Nya Noodle were not sitting in car seats.  I made the mistake of saying that they are “big kids.”  That hurt his feelings even more, and he protested, “I’m not a little kid.”  I tried to backpedal, and it didn’t work.  My mom distracted him with bubble gum, and then all was well.

I have to work on negotiating a balance between “you’re a big kid now” with “you’re not big enough to do some things that your sister can do.”

Comments on: "Monster Jam Success" (3)

  1. Mama Neema said:

    Good Job!! So proud of you and the Little-Big-Kid-Now!

  2. Looks like a great party, glad it was such a big success!

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