Work with me, please.


I made no plans for this holiday weekend, except cleaning and rest.  I’m still recovering from last weekend’s family reunion and Jay’s birthday party.  Hubby had to work (although, thankfully, he did wash some laundry before he left), so I’d hoped that Mae and Jay would help by at least collecting their toys from the kitchen and other places that the toys don’t belong.

It became obvious that it was going to take more energy and time to corral them into cleaning than it was worth.  They can be very helpful, including scrubbing toilets, wiping windows, and sweeping.  The key is that it has to be their idea.  If they think of it, they work hard and won’t even ask for anything in return.  If it’s my idea, I hear stuff like

“I’m too busy.”
“Why do I have to do all the work around here?”
“I like messy.  It suits me.”

Of course, the last two are from the seven-year-old.

So, we I took a break from cleaning and the kids rode their bikes and played in the park.  Suits me just fine.

Comments on: "“I like messy. It suits me.”" (7)

  1. I thought that this was a photo of kids playing on a trampoline without a net. What a mean joke that would have been!

    Good luck tricking your children into helping you clean. My mom always used guilt to get me to do things like that. Give it a shot.

    • At 7 and 4, I think mine are too young to get the guilt thing. I’ll save that one for when they get a little older. 🙂

  2. Mama Neema said:

    I remember talking to you and the “gang” about what “clean” is years ago. I especially remember how you… and now me, have had to adjust to the new “clean”.

    I’m glad you chose to go with the flow and not fight. Sometimes, it is just the best choice!

  3. I prefer that they don’t help when in comes to cleaning- They all have a unique style that makes no sense to me and usually something (else) will get broken!

    • LOL. I understand. My husband has trained me to expand my definition of “clean.” Also, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that they”ll develop some lasting habits, even if they don’t the task done right right now.

  4. sometimes just going with the flow is best haha 🙂

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