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Sick and Tired


Mae is home sick today.  She came home from camp yesterday with a 100.3 degree fever and complaining of a sore throat and headache.  She said that she slept a lot at camp, and didn’t talk much.  This morning, she woke up at 4:40 am with a 101.5 degree fever.  The doctor says it’s probably just a summer virus that needs to run its course.  I suspect that the camp counselors are relieved to have a break from her intensity.  As I posted earlier this week, Tuesday was a rough day with her being emotional and defiant at camp.  Wednesday was even worse.  Some of her classmates accused her of shoving them while playing tag, and she accused them and the counselors of lying on her.  I spoke with the head counselor on Wednesday afternoon, and he said that Mae didn’t want to participate in the creative drawing activity and shoved kids out of the way to get to the water fountain.  He said it was a tough day from start to finish.  I asked him to please be stern with her, set boundaries, and enforce consequences, even if it means that she has to sit on the sideline and watch the other campers play.

Mae thinks the other kids are mean, and she’s complaining that she’s bored at the camp, particularly during before and after care, which appear to be less structured.  I asked if there are games she can play by herself or books she can read during those times.  She responded that she’s tired of the games, and she’s read the few books there that she found interesting.  Before she goes back to camp on Monday, I’ll put some books in her back pack to give her other options.  Boredom aside, I told her that she still has to make smart choices and take responsibility for her actions.

It’s too bad the counselors can’t see Mae now.  It’s amazing how she becomes so mature, reasonable, and cooperative when she’s sick.  When I told her yesterday that she should go to bed after dinner, she readily agreed.  She didn’t have much of an appetite, but she wanted to eat the broccoli and mac ‘n cheese because those are healthy.  She took the pain killer/fever reducer on first request.  I offered her Cinnamon Life cereal this morning, and she asked, “Raisin Bran is healthier, right?”  And, so, she had Raisin Bran instead.  The doctor kept laughing quietly this morning because Mae was so serious and articulate in describing her symptoms.   Usually, she snips if someone laughs when she’s being serious.  Not today.  Hopefully, she’ll be well enough to go to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow, and maybe just a little bit still under the weather to ensure that she is friendly and cooperative.  🙂

As for Jay, he hadn’t shown any symptoms as of when Hubby dropped him at camp this morning.  I hope he’ll be fine.  He’s invited to the birthday party tomorrow as well; it’s for a sister and brother, and the brother is in camp with Jay.  Then, Jay and Hubby have 7:30 pm tickets for Monster Jam in Baltimore.

Side note:  The funky spell Jay went through after returning from vacation at Nonny’s house seems to be over.  I’m getting smiles and hugs again when I pick him up from camp, and he’s back to his laid back, easygoing self.

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  1. Rebecca said:

    So sorry she’s sick! Hope it gives you a minute of downtime too.

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