Work with me, please.

I have to say, it wasn’t a bad weekend considering that I canceled my “freedom trip” to NY, as one reader put it in a comment on my last post.  Healthwise, I felt fine for the most part, except for some heartburn and more numbness.  The biggest scare of the weekend actually came from arriving to our neighborhood on Friday afternoon to find our street blocked at both ends by police cars and a huge bomb squad vehicle in the middle of the block.  We made ourselves scarce while they investigated and detonated a suspicious package.  So, living near a judge has its benefits when it comes to snow removal.  Not so much if there is some disgruntled former defendant who knows the judge’s address (actually, that’s pure speculation.  I don’t know the full story on the package).

On Saturday, Hubby and I took Mae and Jay to the Maryland Zoo at Baltimore.  I am not much of a zoo fan; however, for the kids . . . .  After we paid $56 to enter (as compared to $0 to visit the National Zoo in DC), I was hoping that I would at least find it to be worth the money.   I was pleasantly surprised.  There was a lot of shade and the exhibits were closer together it seemed than those in DC.  The animals were closer and easier to spot than I recall in DC, and I believe more of them were active.  I have to say that it was an enjoyable visit.

It’s hard to say whether the kids enjoyed it.  As we headed for the exit after a few hours, I asked Jay if he liked the zoo.  He said, “Not that much.”  I asked what was wrong.  He said, “I didn’t know we were going to stay so long.”  It’s a no-win.  If Hubby or I had suggested leaving before he could see the elephants and lions, I know we would have had a problem.  I think he was enjoying the zoo before he became tired near the end.

As we neared the exit gate, Mae decided that she had to have a water bottle/fan thingy that I’d said “no” to on the way in as part of my “we’re not here to shop” spiel.  Oh, but tired Mae is irrational Mae.  A meltdown ensued, which included at one point, her telling Hubby, “Turn this car around now!!  I COMMAND you.”  He and I couldn’t help but laugh.  I didn’t laugh for long and turned around to tell her that she was being rude and disrespectful, and that she cannot command anyone, especially her parents, to do something.  She yelled back, “You’re not the boss of me!”  I corrected her that, actually, we are the bosses of her.  She apologized after a few minutes, though she wasn’t done crying and pleading for the fan for a few more miles.  She went to sleep, which Jay had done already, and Hubby carried her and Jay into the house when we arrived home.  They finished their naps; thank goodness for a little window of peace.  When Mae awoke a couple of hours later, you would not have known at all that she had had a conniption.

The rest of the evening felt like a breeze.  The hi-light came when Mae and Jay helped me make red velvet brownies.  I pre-measured everything; they poured and mixed.  I’m so proud of them for following instructions and working together well.  They stayed with me all the way through making the frosting and waiting for the pan to cool, long after Hubby had passed out somewhere.  I thought for sure Mae and Jay would become tired and irritable, and I’d have to put them to bed.  At 12:30 am, they had the first bites and declared success.  We all went to bed shortly after that.

Today, Sunday, was a day of laundry, cooking, cleaning, more baking (another batch of brownies for my co-workers, with my star helpers at my side again), and playing.  I feel something like a star myself.  First, Jay let me be the fire chief when we played rescue, which is huge because he usually has to be the leader in every game we play.  Second, Mae told me that I am “one of the best mommies ever” (I know — kids tend to think that they have the best mommy or daddy in the world.  I’m not mad at Mae, though.  Truth be told, I love my mom, but if Paula Deen would take me, I’d follow her home in a hot minute.)

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  1. Mama Neema said:

    Ha ha…truth be told, you are one of my favorite moms…learning so much from you!

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