Work with me, please.

Know Thyself

Mae asked me yesterday, “Mommy, what do you like about me?”  I started listing her best qualities.

Me:  You are fun and you have great ideas and . . .

Mae:  And awesome humor.

Me:  Yes, you have an awesome sense of humor.

This reminds me of a conversation we had recently where Jay asked me to please stop singing, which is common.  He and Mae strongly dislike my singing, and he doesn’t like for me to dance either.  Mae will at least tolerate my dancing.  Honestly, I’m not good at either.  Mae is, of course.  She offered, “When I sing, I always sound like the person who sings the song.”

Um, okay.

Comments on: "Know Thyself" (2)

  1. Be sure to list “confidence” as one of her good qualities next time she asks. =)

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