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Back to Reality


This is it. My last day in Palm Desert, CA (which may actually be Palm Springs because a few people have said, knowingly, “Palm Springs” when I told them that I was going to be, or am, in Palm Desert.   So, I’m not sure actually where I am).  At any rate, it was a great conference.  I learned and re-learned a lot; received some freebies, including two books that were on my to-read list; and collected business cards from people who seem smart and hard-working, including one woman that I attached myself to and bugged with questions.  I told her about a career move that I’m pondering and she asked me, “What does your mentor say?”  I told her that I don’t have a mediation mentor, only a management/leadership mentor.  She said, “I’ll be your mentor.”  That’s exactly what I wanted her to say!  Parasitic tendencies can pay off.

Of course, I had lots of rest this week.  I shared evening meals with folks I met during the week and a former colleague.  Still, I made it to bed by 9:30 each night and then rose by 6:00 am in the mornings to meditate and work out.  I didn’t indulge in the hotel spa, but I did enjoy a free massage provided by one of the conference sponsors.  I experienced California bistro dining  this week, and ate lots of fresh veggies and fruits and other healthy stuff.  (I’m not counting the chocolate muffin I had this morning because it looked like a bran muffin when I picked it up and until I bit into it.)

I debated with myself about attending this conference because it meant leaving my family to fend for themselves for six days. I know, I know — self-imposed, irrational mommy guilt.  It was a good week and I’m glad I came. 

Now, I’m anxious to see my babies, all three of them.  I spoke to Hubby every day and to the kids everyday but one.  They seem to have fared well.  I’m ready to get back to my life, and all the goodness and craziness that’s mine, including the sleep deprivation, kid-centered diet, and crunched up schedule.  They are worth it.

Comments on: "Back to Reality" (2)

  1. Tindi Amadi said:

    Hi doll!

    I’ve missed reading your blog. Just catching up…

    Thank you for mentioning the mommy-guilt. I felt the same when I left Neema and Andy to fend for themselves for five days. I really had a good time on safari with Skookie, Mary and Sondra…but the two loves of my life were ever present in my thought. And as much as I loved my “me” time.., they ARE worth the “work”!

  2. Glad you went! Sounds like it was a nice relaxing week. And I am sure your family was anxiously awaiting your return! Aw, nice post!

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