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Thank Me Later


We left Mae and Jay in SC yesterday.  They are with my mom for the last two weeks of summer.  Mae was crying when we left, pleading with us to stay with them.  Jay was the trooper.  He said, “It’s ok, Mom.”  I did feel bad, and I started thinking that maybe this is the last year that we should leave them in SC.  Then, I thought, ‘It is what it is.’  Hubby and I have to go back to work, camps are closed and school opens after Labor Day.  Before we left, I reminded Mae and Jay that at Nonny’s house, they can have treats like sugar cereal and chocolate chip frozen waffles (which I even bought myself this time) that they can’t have at home.  I told them to try to enjoy this break from our rules and routines.

If they don’t appreciate it now, perhaps they will in time — whether it’s spending time with Nonny, getting to know cousins, or the freedom.  And, how many of their friends will be able to say that they picked scuppernongs (a type of wild grape, also known as bullets) from a vine in the back of someone’s yard?  Mae and Jay saw their first pear trees, which was a “wow” moment.  The pears were too high for them to pick, but they will get to enjoy them (if they get over the fact that these pears look funny compared to those from the grocery store).

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  1. Tindi Amadi said:

    Hey there,

    I think it is great that they spend time with your mom in SC. There is so much they can learn about themselves through others…family, especially extend family, isimportant. I think in our fast paced lives we often, no matter what part of the world you are in, don’t make time for family.

    Hope they enjoyed their time!

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