Work with me, please.


So, Back To School Night was this past Thursday.  I was a little disappointed to find that Mae’s teacher, Ms. G, and the school’s guidance counselor hadn’t worked out a reading curriculum for her yet, and it turns out Ms. G wasn’t aware that Mae had second grade spelling last year.  I thought three full weeks would have been enough time for Ms. G to have made her own assessment and consulted with the counselor and worked this out.  At the same time, I recognize that this is her first year teaching and there is so much for her to learn.  I’ll give two more school days before I check in with her again.  That seems reasonable.

I was the last parent in the room, and Ms. A said to me as I was getting my things, “I just want to tell you that [Mae] is sooo special.  She is so loving and lovable.”  She gave an example of how Mae had encouraged a classmate who was getting frustrated with a lesson.  I agreed that Mae is a unique child.  It’s great to hear some nice things about her in a school setting, especially things that involve other kids and not just the academics.

In Jay’s class, parents sat in the itty-bitty chairs at the itty-bitty tables to color and cut with our non-dominant hand, which gave a sense of how our kids are learning.  Ow.  I colored a picture of a car for Jay, and I thought I did a pretty good job.  His reaction when he found it in his box the next day at pickup time?  He wanted to draw on it.  Well, gee thanks!

Jay is still loving the class.  And, I am too.  Yesterday, I saw his teacher handle a disagreement in a way I’m looking forward to trying at home (because I know I’ll get the opportunity).  A little girl hurt a classmate’s finger as they were tussling over a toy.  Ms. O talked to them together and then individually for a moment.  Next, she sat them on chairs facing each other and told them to talk about how to play together.  A few minutes later, she and I were chatting in the hall, and the boy and girl came out smiling.  The little girl said in a cheery voice, “Ms. [O], we solved the problem!”  It was sooo cute!!

Oh, if only all disputes could end that way!  Then again, I would have wasted a lot of time over the past 14 months earning a certificate in mediation, which I just received last week.  It’s my greatest educational accomplishment since getting a higher GPA than S.F. in 7th grade.  And, nobody can color on it!

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