Work with me, please.

More Celebrating

Jay ate breakfast with his new books.

I don’t know how I forgot this:  Jay is starting to read on his own.  Not whole books or sentences, but words.  He’s decoding.  I was reading to him Monday night, and when I pointed to words that I thought he would recognize, he sounded them out instead of just saying them.  Yippee!  He’s proud of himself, too.  Yesterday, our Scholastic book order arrived, and it included a box set of Hot Wheels phonics books.  He left the house carrying it like a bookcase.  Sigh.  I remember the days when he just left with the Hot Wheels cars.  My baby is growing up.  Sniff, sniff.

And, there’s more.  Mae received her first progress report of the year:  all A+’s and 100’s on almost every assignment and test.  The teacher’s hand-written note on the report is all positive, except that she’s concerned that Mae “has a tendency to slip ‘off track’ during some class discussions.”  Yes, she talks a lot and she’ll begin to ramble after a while.  Or, it’s more like she starts talking about one thing, which reminds her of another thing, and that’s related to another thing altogether.  Frankly, I think she’s always going to have that tendency.  As she gets older, I’ll teach her about active listening.  Also, the teacher warns on the report that work will get more challenging later and grades may drop later.  I like that:  manage expectations.

At aftercare pickup, the director remarked that Mae is “getting better everyday” at playing and interacting with the other kids.  That’s also good news, although I expect that there will be good days and bad days (mostly good).

I’ll have to think of something fun and rewarding for the kids this weekend so that we can properly and officially recognize their progress.  Another excuse for cake?  You betcha.

My own crowning achievement of the day was booking tickets for me and the kids to visit my sister and her family in FL for Thanksgiving.   Year after year, I’ve said that we need to get done there because it has been several years (although we do see them at my mom’s in SC once or twice a year).  It’s bittersweet because the kids and I will be travelling without Hubby.  We will, however, return on November 26, which is his birthday and our wedding anniversary.  We’ll arrive home early enough for some type of celebration, to be determined (More cake? You betcha).

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