Work with me, please.

Up and Away

The kids and I will be leaving in about an hour to spend Thanksgiving with one of my sisters and her family in Florida.

What was I thinking? Flying with them and leaving Hubby here? I don’t remember my exact rationale for planning this way. I think it had to do with saving leave hours to ensure that we have enough to cover winter break, spring break, etc. Oh, well. It’s too late now. I hope and pray that the kids will be their best selves on the flights down. We have their game systems, books, and snacks. Hopefully, we’re traveling with kid-friendly passengers and crews.

Of course, Mae and Jay have been super excited for weeks. Mae has been saving her money for the trip and she has a whopping $29.21 for souvenirs. We’ll see how many times she pulls out her purse or makes me reach for mine. 🙂


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