Work with me, please.

Mae making a "bubble sculpture," one of the experiments in her chemistry lab set.

Mae told me at bedtime tonight that she wants to go to NYC for her birthday on March 25.  Hmmm . . . is this a problem or an opportunity?

About a month ago, I asked Mae if she would prefer to take a trip or have a party to celebrate her 8th birthday.  She chose a party.  Reminder to self:  Follow own advice about knowing when and when not to give choices.  I have said this in my personal and professional life.  Generally, some people, children especially, should be given choices only in limited, controlled circumstances.  My preference was for a weekend family road trip, which is what we did for her 7th birthday.  A trip is easier to plan and lets me avoid having to deal with Mae feeling rejected if some of her favorite friends don’t or can’t attend.  That’s never actually happened; I’m just afraid that it might because Mae feels left out sometimes.  I should have told her we were taking a trip and maybe let her have some say in where.

Silly me, I went with the party idea.  Since Mae is all into science and preparing herself to become a chemist, I set about planning a science-themed party.  I visited a couple of recreation centers and submitted an application to reserve space at one.  Just yesterday, I scheduled a company that comes to your location and puts on a science show.  Today, I combed the aisles at a thrift store and found a little toy lab kit ($1.69!) that I plan to use as props on a cake — I haven’t figured out exactly how yet, but that’s a different story.  Mae doesn’t know about any of the party plans because she’ll nag me to no end as well as invite everybody she knows and their brother’s cousin’s nephew.  Sooo, I can cancel the party and plan a trip.  Maybe I’ll make the science-y cake anyway.

Jay’s birthday is in June and he’s already “ordered” his birthday cake and desired location.  Maybe, just maybe, I am creating monsters.  Urrggh!

The little booger gave me a scare this weekend.  He started complaining about stomach aches about three weeks ago, and I thought it was constipation.  He’s still so iffy about dinner, eating only a few items and usually in small quantities.  I pushed more water and vegetables and gave him an antacid a few nights.  Then, on Friday night, I asked him to place a hand on his body to show me exactly where the pain was, and he touched the middle of his chest.  I started thinking ultrasound, surgery, cancer, etc.   Today, I took him to the pediatrician, and she thinks it’s heartburn.  So, now we’re keeping a food diary to figure out patterns and connections, though I don’t know what I can possibly eliminate from his limited diet.  I’m hoping that adding more alkaline will help.  Jay takes authority figures so seriously, and I’m going to use the doctor to the hilt.   Maybe Jay will eat better “because the doctor said.”  Fingers crossed.

Comments on: "Problem or Opportunity?" (4)

  1. Hey Zim friend! I LOVE it. I am smiling and sighing my way through your stories. Girl, I love that such sharing allows us to know 1. We aint crazy (I can hear Mae correcting this sentence. lol) and 2. We give our families a lot of great loving.
    We may not always achieve every goal, but we keep trying. And trying counts.
    So does talent. And you got plenty of that.
    I look forward to reading more. And more….thank you!

    • Thank you, My Dear. It’s so good to know you again! I’m about to start my day, and “trying counts” will be ringing in my ears. Yes, you are a “Word Woman.” Be well. 🙂

  2. Aww…Jay’s such a little guy to have heartburn. I hope you get to the bottom of that soon. I can understand Mae’s dilemma. It’s hard to decide between awesome party and awesome NYC. I think I’d be a little wishy-washy, too! LOL. I’m sure you’ll figure it all out. 🙂

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