Work with me, please.


It’s almost Wednesday already!  The weekend seems like so long ago. It was a fun weekend too.  Mae and Jay were off school on Friday, and we visited the Lego exhibit at the National Building Museum.  I think I had more fun playing with the Legos than they did.

At bath time on Friday night, Mae asked, “What college will I go to?” (I love, love this kind of conversation.  It means she realizes she has to leave this house one day. No offense.)  I told her she’ll have 100’s of colleges from which to choose.  She said, “You mean anywhere in the world?  Well, maybe not the other side of the world because that would cost a lot of money.”

I said, “Maybe you’ll get scholarships.” She replied, “Oh, yeah” . . . like easy, no problem.  Music to my ears.  If she and Jay continue to maintain an attitude whereby higher education seems a given, and indeed an entitlement, I will consider myself to have been a somewhat successful parent.

After swim on Saturday morning, I took Mae to see Charlotte’s Web on stage at a local theater. Afterwards, we went to lunch and she talked about wanting to take drama lessons again. I promised her that she can go back to drama in third grade. I’d been hoping that I could find a drama therapy group so that we could combine social skills training with something fun and interesting. My leads have turned up fruitless, unless I find a way to haul her an hour or more away. I’ll look again once I have a better work schedule, hopefully in March. It would be cool to surprise her with drama lessons before next school year.

The weather was nice enough on Saturday that Hubby took Jay to the park to practice skateboarding. I’m glad I had an excuse to be somewhere else. I don’t mind too much that he wants to skateboard, but goodness, I don’t want to have to watch him learn. I’ve just gotten to the point where I can watch him and Mae at swim without gasping.

My poor Jay has been pining for Mae’s attention lately. I say “poor,” but he seems just fine. He wants her to have story time with him every night. Even when they argue over whose turn it is to choose the book or he has to wait for her to finish getting ready for bed, he insists that he wants her there. As of last week, he no longer wants to be a “builder.” He wants to be a chemist when he grows up — just like Mae. He wants her to watch TV with him, sometimes allowing her to choose the show so that she will stay. Hubby and I intervene sometimes, encouraging Jay to do his own thing, be his own person.  Given Mae’s tendency towards bossiness, we try to ensure that she doesn’t take advantage of Jay’s kindness and interest in her.  He’s such a goodhearted little dude.  I realized recently, finally, that he nags her sometimes just because he wants her attention — like this morning when he snatched her hat from her head and took off running.  I used to think it was an obligatory little brother thing for giggles.  Now, I think it’s his way of asking her to play with him.  I appreciate that he admires his big sister and wants to spend time with her.  I just hope he keeps a sense of self as time goes on.

On Saturday night, as payment for a bet I lost, I took my youngest sister to dinner at a dive that’s been featured on the Food Network.  So, it’s a dive and I don’t mind dives.  However, can I get dive prices for standing toe to heel with strangers and mixing it up with the resident wino to wait for my styrofoam tray of canned green beans and other food that my momma can cook better?  It’s actually my mother’s fault that I lost the bet — some confusion about the difference between neckbones and turkey necks.  I need to call her and tell her that she owes me a meal.

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