Work with me, please.


Phew! The science-themed birthday party was a success. My little girl and 24 of her closest friends enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Our guest scientist, Dr. T, wowed the kids (and a lot of the adults) with his tricks and gimmicks. One little girl went to him afterwards and asked for a hug. It was so cute.

My cake idea was less of a hit. Not even my budding chemist recognized what it was. As kids approached the table to sing “Happy Birthday,” I heard a chorus of “What is that?” I’m no Cake Boss, but c’mon . . . . That said, I learned some lessons. I should have used gel icing for the liquid and bubbles. And, I should have added my cotton candy vapor after transporting the cake because it melted and hardened in the cake pan. At least the cake tasted good, and I now have a solid chocolate cake recipe. Sour cream is my friend.

I haven’t told Mae yet, but this was her last birthday party. I’ll consider a party for 16 if she asks begs. Otherwise, age 8 is the cut-off, and the same will apply for Jay. I think we can find or plan interesting experiences that are just as fun as a party and less costly.

I have a couple more weeks of PTA committee obligations. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking when I signed up to provide brownies for an event that falls on a weekday, an event intended for 300 or so people. So, despite having the party and house guests this weekend in addition to usual stuff, Hubby and I made 3 double batches of brownies last night after we put the kids to bed. I pray that the vending machine at work has Mountain Dew. Next time, I’m volunteering for paper products.

I had hoped there would be some time to rest in the upcoming Spring Break. But lately, I’ve been planning for Spring Break the way some people plan for tax refunds. My list of what I’ll do with that time is getting longer and longer. It’s kind of pathetic that I’m starting to put off basics, as in “I’ll get caught up on laundry and cleaning during Spring Break.” I’m thinking that I’ll spilt the days — the first half for cleaning and organizing and the second half for fun stuff with the kids. Maybe with a nap in between. Hmmm . . . .

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