Work with me, please.

T.G.I. Monday


Today, I’m grateful for the fresh start a new week brings.  Last week was difficult for Mae; transitioning back into our regular routines after Spring Break was tough.  Every morning last week, we fought about getting up and getting dressed for school.  She and Hubby butted heads getting to and from school.  And, of course, bedtime was no picnic.  One night, I told her to look at the clock.  Admittedly, it was a mistake to think she would see the time and say, “Oh, it’s 8:00. I should go upstairs and have my bath.” Instead, she said, “Just because I’m 8 doesn’t mean you should be lazy and I have to do everything.”  I laughed out of pure shock – mistake number two.  In the background, I heard Hubby begin chastising her, but I was laughing too loud to hear all his words.  Next thing I knew, Mae was in another room, in the dark, on the floor, knees pulled to her chest — crying.  Boohoo crying, snot-on-top-lip crying.  I kneeled down and asked why she was crying.  I expected her to talk about what Hubby said to her, or just having to go upstairs.  She said she was crying because I was laughing at her.  Huh?

By the end of the week, things were really strained.  Hubby sent me a text after drop-off on Friday morning saying that Mae had lost TV and computer time and would have to stay in her bedroom all weekend.  When I picked her up on Friday afternoon, she told me that she’d had a bad week because at times she had been really tired and, at other times, bored.  She said that when she’s bored, she gets in trouble because she doesn’t know what to do with herself.  Now, that’s something I know very well and have said many times to teachers and other adults involved in her care.  I didn’t think I’d ever said it within her hearshot.  Maybe I did.  Whether she came to this conclusion on her own or heard it from me, I’m glad that she was at least aware of what was happening with herself.  So, we talked about her taking responsibility for ensuring she has books and other things to occupy her time because her dad and I won’t always be around to stick our phone in her hand or otherwise keep her engaged. I told her also that it’s ok to have quiet time or just relax and think when she has down time.

Today was so much better at the start and end of the day; she even had an “awesome” day at school.  And, thus we plug along, with all the ups and downs and restarts.

One of the weekend highlights was that I finally finished putting our kitchen back together since the remodel concluded a month ago.  On Saturday morning, I had a yard sale to get rid of the items I didn’t want back in the kitchen and then carted the remaining items to Goodwill.  My objective for the sale was to make enough money to pay a babysitter and have a date.  We did that, and had a little change to spare.  We hired a neighbor to babysit for us.  She’s a kind and well-mannered high school student that Mae and Jay like a lot.  On Easter Sunday, she hid candy- and coin-filled plastic eggs for them in her parents’ backyard. When she arrived at our house on Saturday, Mae and Jay were excited to see her and immediately started talking her head off after she came through the door.  Hmmm, candy and money would do that for me too.  This young lady is smart.  Hubby and I had a good time out, and plan to go out once a month, unless or until the kids break the babysitter.  Fingers crossed.

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