Work with me, please.


That lovely image to the left is a “communiputer,” a device conceptualized and named by Mae.  I helped her and Jay make them this weekend.  They were so excited by these little pieces of colored cardboard decorated with stickers left over from a yard sale and various birthday parties.  I wonder why we even bother with buying toys.  The communiputer is better apparently than a smart phone; it can help clean up the environment and do all kinds of “futuristic” things.   Jay has asked that our next project be making hobby horses from orange juice cartons, and he roped Hubby into buying two cartons on Saturday that we’re supposed to drink up before the weekend.

They can be so endearing when they are not having meltdowns and demanding the world on a platter.

On Saturday, we met up with two families we’ve known for a while for laser tag and dinner.  I tip my hat to Hubby for being the only dad in the group.  I was grateful he could be there because I thought Jay would be unwilling to try laser tag.  I told Hubby he could opt out of dinner afterwards.  Being the smarty-pants that he is, he said, “Despite what I’ve heard, mothers are not that bad.  I can tolerate them.”  Haha.  The other two moms are women we’ve known since Mae was three months old.  Almost eight years ago, our daughters (first-borns followed by brothers later) started daycare during the same week.  We were all anxious new moms, dreading the return to work and trying to figure out how we were going to get it all done.  We don’t see each other as often as we used to (there are actually six of us families that have stayed in touch, and with fewer birthday parties and various extracurricular activities, getting together all at once is pretty difficult), but it’s always a good time.  Jay was reluctant about laser tag at first; he warmed up to it, probably shortly after getting his hands on the weapon.  Dinner was wild with six kids in one booth adjacent to us adults.  Somehow, they managed and it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

On Sunday, the kids and I went to a science and engineering festival in downtown Washington, DC.  We met up with two of Mae’s classmates and a nine-year old cousin whose mom is an engineer.  Mae was in her zone and probably could have stayed all day.  My boy the homebody did not ask even once to leave.  It’s so awesome to see kids excited about science, engineering, technology, etc.   After spending a few hours in the convention center, we walked to Chinatown for a late lunch and ice cream.  

The women in black and white are about to run into the intersection where an "officiant" will marry them while the man in the bridal gown plays "Here Comes the Bride" on his sax.

It was beautiful weather wise, so much so that there was a group of people marrying random couples in the intersection of 7th and H Streets.  Yes, literally, in the intersection between traffic light changes.  Mae and her little cousin were impromptu flower girls for one of the couples.  The newlyweds ran back to the street corner, and the girls threw handfuls of petals at them.  Then, the couple was offered a piece of cake from a paper plate on the ground.  The kids were more tickled than confused.  Me, I was just confused.

Mae had an eye exam on Saturday afternoon.  I noticed last week that she couldn’t see words on the TV screen while sitting across the room.  This was bound to happen, as we have so many eyeglass wearers in the family, including me and Hubby.  The doctor asked Mae to read the first image of letters he beamed onto the wall.  Mae said, “I don’t see anything.”  She said it as if she thought the doctor was playing a joke on her.  I was like, “Wow.”  So, she’s moderately nearsighted and eyeglasses are on order.

So, we’re into the work and school week.  I’m already looking forward to the weekend, though I’m hoping to stay in and lay low for this one.  We’ll see.

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