Work with me, please.

It’s official! I have another pre-school graduate. Jay’s class had a nice, simple graduation ceremony yesterday. I’m so proud of how he did inside and outside of the classroom in pre-school. He’s kindergarten-ready and we’re one step closer to a kid-free house (just saying’).

I’m proud of Mae too. This school year was sooo much better — only one phone call from the teacher and less crying and impulsiveness. Mae surpassed her goal to earn 50 stickers for “awesome” days.

I know we’ll be starting over with summer camp next week, so I’m going to ride this wave of good feelings this weekend!

We have a house guest this weekend. One of our young cousins, nine years old, will stay with us while her mom goes off for drill duty. When I told Mae that E was coming for a sleep over, her smile went from ear to ear and then she got a worried look.

Mae said there might be three problems. I swear, her sense of self-awareness is sharper than most adults I know. This is what chica told me about herself:

1. “Sometimes,” she’s “bossy” and she likes to choose what to watch on TV.

2. Sometimes, she doesn’t wait for people to answer a question before she asks another.

3. Her room is messy.

I asked Mae what could she do about each of those problems. For one, she offered that she can ask E what she likes and what she wants to do. I agreed, and encouraged her to always allow guests to choose first what to watch or play.

Mae said that she would give 15 seconds for E to respond to a question and then ask again if there was no response. I said it might be easier to watch for facial cues instead of counting. I reminded Mae that people should be thinking before they speak and she has to allow time for that.

And, woohoo, Mae said she would clean up her room, and I told her I would help. Fortunately, there wasn’t much of a mess.

Items one and two are ones that we’ve spoken about recently. Hubby and I keep reminding Mae to give Jay a chance to pick a TV show, and generally be more considerate of his interests. And, recently, she started a habit of repeating impatiently a question or statement that barely left her lips a moment ago. It is annoying!

So, E arrived this evening. During dinner, Mae said, “After dinner, you choose what we’re going to do, ok?”

I breathed a little sigh of relief. You never know what or how much sinks in. I loved that she’s making the effort.

She and Jay both give us so many proud moments that are nice reminders of the up side of parenthood. That said, I’m not going to stop looking forward to their moving days. 🙂

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  1. Wow, your bake look so yummy! =)

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