Work with me, please.


Yesterday, Mae and Jay were watching some BrainPop movie and I heard Jay ask, “What’s puberty?”

Of course, his big sister, in all her 8-year old wisdom, obliged him with a detailed answer. “Puberty is when your body starts to change. It happens when you’re 8 or 9 years old. Girls start to get hair in their armpits and breasts. Basically, they start to look like Mom. You’ll start to look like Dad because you’re a boy.”

And, honestly, what else does a 5-year old need to know about puberty?

The conversation reminded me of a comment Mae made last weekend. She showed me that she’s beginning to get hair in her private area, and she said, with distress, “If it keeps growing, I won’t be able to pee.” I laughed inside.

Kid logic and grown-up knowledge make for an interesting mix.

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