Work with me, please.


Last week was straight out of Hades as far as work was concerned. I continue to be amazed at what people will say and do in the workplace. People seem unable to contain their bad behavior and bad attitudes. Most will not loose it to the degree of the Empire State Building shooter, but gee whiz . . . there are more than enough who will bring the madness, and I dealt with my fair share last week.

In order to soothe my soul, I cooked and baked this weekend. I was on my feet a lot, but it felt good and it was worth it. Well, the black bean brownies were not worth the time and effort spent. Actually, I take that back . . . Mae likes them. It worked out because I took a pound cake from the freezer that Jay loved (he said it was "overgood," which I translated to mean "You outdid yourself!"). Mae dislikes pound cake, and the brownies allowed her to have a treat of her own. For the record though, black bean brownies are not legitimate brownies. And, I am not Todd Akin. I know brownies and I know how they are made.

I had planned to have a small cook-out on Saturday evening. I canceled it on Friday after I realized that I would not have the energy to pull off anything decent. I did spend some time on the couch this weekend, including catching up with a favorite friend who was visiting from LA.

The school week ended so-so for Mae. She said she cried four times during the week, twice on Friday. She complained about mean teachers and students, and people were never like that at her old school. Of course. I reminded her that the first week of school last year was also hard and she cried a lot. She didn't believe me.

By Thursday, she was already tired of the cafeteria food. Hubby said, and I think he's right about this, if she doesn't want what's on the school menu, she needs to pack her own lunch. He and I both detest packing lunches for the kids. We are loving the cafeteria!

Lunch woes aside, I always expect the first two weeks at a new place or in a new routine to be rough for Mae. If she's complaining still in week three, I'll look at it differently. I did send her teachers an email, as the school counselor recommended, expressing my interest in meeting with them and giving them heads up about some aspects of Mae's personality. I received a nice reply from the woman who will be Mae's homeroom teacher.

A good start, I thought. Then, Hubby and I missed back-to-school night, for which I felt like a louse. Now, I'm worried that we look like uninvolved or uninterested parents. This means I need to prioritize getting out to the school.

Aftercare seems to have gone ok, especially since there was little homework to do and thus lots of play time. Unfortunately, the place has a huge candy and snack sales operation. Mae made a good argument, or so she thought, for eating candy everyday. Brain neurons need glucose, and you have to get the right amount or your brain will not function properly.

Jay is enjoying himself at home. He is taking advantage of my mother by declining meals and then asking for snacks all day long, claiming that he's hungry. And, we have allowed him to stay downstairs or read longer because he doesn't have school yet. The grin on his face when he comes back downstairs after Mae is asleep is just plain funny. It's the "I'm getting over" face. I asked him not to tell his sister about this because it will upset her. So far, I think he's been quiet about it.

I would rather not ask him to keep a secret. However, that girl would never let us hear the end of it.

I'm turning in, calling it a night. I'm feeling ready for a new week, hoping it will be kind to me.

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