Work with me, please.


Yay!  My boy went to kindergarten today.  When I picked him up, one of the first things he said was, “I had a lotta fun in the kindergarten room.”  It’s that wooden train set, I betcha.

Nonetheless, I believe he’s ready for the learning and not just the toys.  I know because, if we do nothing else good or right in life, Hubby and I will at least be able to say that both our kids entered kindergarten as fluent readers.  Jay said to me one night last week, “I can read by myself.  Like [Mae].”  Big smile.  He meant that I could leave him alone with his book at bedtime.  He was speaking more about being independent, a “big kid”, than his reading ability.  I got it and left him alone.  When I went back to say it was time for lights out, he was calling zzz’s.  I left him with the monkey on his back (which I realize now was probably a choking hazard.  Oops).

So far, it seems that Mae is rising to the academic challenge of third grade.  She’s bucking at homework time because, of course, she wants to watch TV or play games.  But, she’s getting it done.  And, she’s making friends, including girls (!), which is nice.  She had lunch with the school counselor and a few other students one day last week, a lunch bunch.  I’m grateful that the counselor took that step, and I hope she continues to be supportive.  I haven’t figured out yet what else we’ll do in terms of therapy or play groups or other supports.  I’d like to see what are Mae’s biggest challenges as the year takes shape.

It’s going to be a tough year, no doubt.  As I like to say, one day at a time.

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