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Some Things Work


Anticipating a tough morning on the first day of her assignment to a new homeroom, I took Mae to school today and walked her in. There in the office was the home room teacher that she’s been with since school started in August.

Mae went off with another student and Teacher and I talked. I told her that Mae is worried about having to change to a new homeroom.

Before I could explain why, she said, “I know. I know. We talked about it and we’re ready. Trust me, this is better for her academically. I’m going to spend time with her this morning and let her know that she can still come see me if she’s having a hard time or needs to talk.” This awesome teacher and the other 3rd grade teachers had discussed how to help Mae with the transition. What a relief!

I went on to tell her that Mae’s first concern was whether Gigi would be in her class. This awesome woman said, “No. We took that into consideration.” Yes! I said Mae’s second concern was whether her friend Danielle would be in the same class with her still. Teacher wasn’t sure, but thinks so. Mae will let me know tonight, I’m sure.

Teacher went on to say, “She’s going to be fine. I think this is going to work out well [as she lifted both hands with two crossed fingers in the air]. I’ll call you if I think it’s not working.”

When you have to leave your kids with other people, it’s such a comfort to work with people who listen and care.

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