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In two months, Mae will turn 9. That’s the age at which one of my former co-worker’s daughter started her menstral cycle. So, I’ve been thinking about how to approach preparing her for this life change. She’s read about and we’ve talked in general terms about menstruation and feminine products.

We had a play date with one of Mae’s old classmates last weekend. The mom and I were talking about how fast they are growing and how little time we have left before puberty kicks in full swing. Both girls already have fuzz under their armpits. The other mom says that she plans to put some pads in a make up bag in her daughter’s backpack (after she explains, of course how to use them). Good idea. But, I can just see my girl, pulling them out to show any and everybody who’ll listen and explaining the mechanics of the female body. Nonetheless, it makes sense to try it.

I think the age of onset I used in one of my discussions with Mae was approximately 12. I thought a smaller number would freak her out. Sometimes, she gets a little anxious about things. For example, she said to me last weekend, all serious, “I’m thinking about my adult life and what it will be like. When I become a parent and if I become a parent . . . potty training. I’m kind of nervous about that. Will you help me?” I told her yes. Then, she suggested that we use a potty training DVD that we played for Jay when he was a toddler. I love a person who plans.

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